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Pennsylvania Elks Care - Pennsylvania Elks Share!
Since 1963, the Pennsylvania Elks Home Service program has been helping to improve the quality of life for thousands of children and adults throughout Pennsylvania. Read on to learn more about the program and how to make a referral…..

Services are provided:
· By a Nurse and/or Medical Case Coordinator
· To Pennsylvania residents
· In the person’s home environment
· Without discrimination
· FREE of charge

Who is eligible to receive services?
· An individual of any age who has a developmental disability (a disability that is manifested before the age of 22)
· A child or adult with physical or mental delays or a combination of both
· Services can continue throughout a person’s lifetime, if needed

How are referrals made?
· By a friend or concerned Elk
· By a health care professional
· By school personnel
· By community and human service agencies
· By a family member
***Permission must first be obtained from the individual or family

When a referral is made:
· A visit is made to the home for an intake and initial assessment. The needs of the family and environment are noted at this time
· After discussing the needs with the individual or family, we help to determine the appropriate referrals for services
· When referrals are made, we can assist with follow-up. Home visits are then made on an as needed basis.
The program is primarily funded by donations from the 110 Elks lodges in Pennsylvania as our Major Project.
For more information on the Pennsylvania Elks home Service Program.
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